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Norman Mikalac mikalac at
Sun Aug 6 12:51:04 MDT 2000

your site looks interesting.  thank you for the supreme effort that it
must have taken to develop.  i visited it and read some of the essays
and will read more later.

question #1: can i assume that at the site the "subscription" is not
necessary if we are at this site?  in other words, we are not talking
about 2 separate lists, are we?

question #2: anyone know of any web site(s) containing all or most of
Marx, Lenin and other socialist writings?
i can buy Capital, Manifesto, etc. at a real or virtual store, of
course, but if they are also available free at a site somewhere then
that would be more "efficient", as an economist would say!

thank for your help.


Louis Proyect wrote:
> I just uploaded a new version of the Marxism list website that I invite
> comrades to review at It incorporates a number of
> visual and content changes, including the following:
> 1. Archives:
> It was too much of a financial burden to try to maintain a year's worth of
> messages. Since has proven reliable, this will serve
> as the main repository of our archives. Even though I registered with them
> in January of this year, we still had five months worth of postings from
> August to December 1999 that had to be added to their database in order to
> have a complete history. Les Schaffer took it upon himself to develop a
> computer program to convert these archives into a
> compatible format and we owe him a round of applause.
> Now that we have freed up space on the directories of the Marxism website,
> it has become possible to make the original 'manual' archives available.
> Before we began maintaining electronic archives, I would select 'the best'
> of each month's postings and organize them by topic. They are once again
> available and are a good introduction to the list. They begin in May 1998,
> when the list was launched, and end in July 1999, before we went 'electronic'.
> 2. Home Page:
> The home page will now have links to posts that I describe as "highlights".
> Since the home page is the first thing somebody sees when they visit
>, I wanted to put our best foot forward. Included in August
> highlights are posts by José on Nicaragua, Lou Paulsen on Nigeria, Henry on
> Hiroshima/Nagasaki, etc. I intend to save each month's highlights and make
> them available from the home page in a pick list. The home page will also
> include a brief description of additions to the links section for the
> current month.
> 3. Graphics:
> I have begun to work with some interesting software from Adobe called
> ImageReady, the results of which should be apparent in the home page,
> archive and subscription pages. In the course of developing the Marxism
> mailing list website, I will be working with all sorts of software that
> serve as a took kit for web development--including Java and Flash at some
> point, which are designed for animation. I have to say, however, that I am
> going to take a hard look at these sorts of products before unleashing them
> on the website. Since the Marxism list web site will be accessed by people
> in third world countries on an ongoing basis, we need to make sure that
> bandwidth is not wasted on frills.
> 4. Art Gallery:
> I just added 3 satirical portraits of T.E. Lawrence, George Meany and
> Margaret Thatcher by Doyle Saylor. And excellent work it is.
> Finally, I would mention that as part of my commitment to making the
> website useful and attractive, I have been studying design theory as well
> as software. It is really interesting to see how something as 'neutral' as
> typography can be mobilized as a force for social change. I have been going
> through Jan Tschichold's "The New Typography," which was written in 1928 as
> part of the overall effort of German art radicals to transform society.
> Taken into 'protective custody' by the Nazis in 1933, Tschichold fled to
> Switzerland where he continued to evolve his design concepts. In a separate
> post, I will include some of his most interesting writing and an example of
> his work.
> Louis Proyect
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