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Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Sun Aug 6 15:32:28 MDT 2000

>question #1: can i assume that at the site the "subscription" is not
>necessary if we are at this site?  in other words, we are not talking
>about 2 separate lists, are we?

No, one list. You are on it right now.

>question #2: anyone know of any web site(s) containing all or most of
>Marx, Lenin and other socialist writings?
>i can buy Capital, Manifesto, etc. at a real or virtual store, of
>course, but if they are also available free at a site somewhere then
>that would be more "efficient", as an economist would say!

They have such a site at:

Furthermore, if you go to the Marxism links section of our website
(, you will find this listed as
well as other excellent resources.

Louis Proyect
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