Final word to Mr. Cahill

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Sun Aug 6 17:31:08 MDT 2000

At 08:12 AM 8/6/00 , Owen Jones wrote:
 >I also agree that it is a common misconception that the nationalist
 >working class is solely Catholic. For example, one of the IRSP's
 >leading martyrs was a protestant by virtue of birth.

Ronnie Bunting was more than just a Protestant, he was the son of Ian
Paisley's right hand man.  Saying he was a Protestant without pointing out
that additional fact could give the impression he came from a progressive
Protestant family.

 >What was always unfortunate about the IRSP was their faction fights

On that subject, it's unfortunate that we as a movement have been cast as
one filled with bloody faction fights.  We've been attacked by other
organizations and people backed by British Intelligence, but I wouldn't
call those faction fights!

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