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Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at
Sun Aug 6 20:17:43 MDT 2000

>Owen wrote
>  As for the IRA, I differ with Gary. Although they had a firm base amongst a
>large section of the nationalist working class, their tactics of individual
>terrorism was always going to fail against the colossus of the British State
>machine. There were opportunities to try and build a broad working class
>movement against British occupation but they were all lost. They also
>consistently failed to try and win over protestant workers to the Republican
>cause. Even though I am as against the capitulation of Republicanism to
>'our' ruling class as you are, it is a real admission of the failure of
>their tactics to remove British occupation via individual terrorism. However
>now they have gone and replaced their old bad tactics with ones that are
>even worse and are not going to deliver the north from its occupation in the
>medium term, even if unification is inevitable. I do agree that the British
>Left always failed in its solidarity with the working class Republican
>movement; the biggest caricature of this is the "Alliance for Workers'
>Liberty" that not long ago produced an entire issue devoted to denounced
>Irish nationalism, featuring a sinister looking guerrilla on the front

>  Owen,

I agree almost totally with this. However in any struggle between the IRA
and British Imperialism I will always support groups like the
IRA.  Similarly I will always support Milosevic against NATO. My support is
critical but yes I do not always choose to lead with the criticisms.  I am
also conscious that people Like Adams whom I disagree with have fought and
suffered.  I respect that and it does moderate the tone but not the
substance of my objections to what they say and do.

Where I tend to disagree  a little with you is that I think that the
present situation is much more fluid than is generally realized.  I am more
inclined than ever to side with Phillip's analysis that we are looking at
the dying throes of Orangeism. It is being killed off by the prerogatives
of Capital. Now that the anti-imperialist struggle has ended its military
phase, perhaps Capital feels freer to back away from the Orange State, a
state which in the context of a unifying Europe seems truly anachronistic.

So the North may well be indeed liberated from British Occupation in the
short to medium term but of course it will not be free.  That will require
as always a socialist revolution.



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