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Mon Aug 7 00:36:43 MDT 2000

Louis wrote: “…one can be a creep and still be a treasured human being.”

This goes especially for artists in Western capitalist societies where
the separation of a producer and their work(s) characterizes economic
relations.  Picasso was forgiven all sorts of family scandals because
he was a genius.  The list is long.

  Often their creepiness even adds to an artist’s allure.  Think of
Dali, or the Marquis de Sade.  Artistic genius is even enough to make
conservatives overlook if not condone cocksucking in their unrestricted
 admiration for The Greats such as Leonardo or Tchaikovsky.
But let the transgressor be a Red and the subject is raised in all its
starkest nakedness.

Attacks on Picasso waned as his politics faded.  As a thought
pose the effects if the great Pablo had actually followed through on his
promise to the Cuban Revolution to replace the fallen Yanqui Eagle on
the Monument to the Maine with his Dove of Peace…
the dove was forgotten, as were the personal lapses and private foibles
of the commodified erstwhile-communist genius,except for those which
could titillate and thus prove saleable in their own right.

Of course the same critical quarters would be the first to remind us of
the failings of the evil Karl Marx, of how frightful he was to his
so-called “loved ones,” etc.  Clifford Krause snidely remarked on the
pictures of Lenin at the FARC HQ.  I laughed to myself at his
transparent manipulations.  A photo of Lenin with a kitten!  How
absurd!  It was obviously posed, or a collage.  Everyone knows
Lenin ate kittens for breakfast.  They probably airbrushed out the
carving knife…

“And what’s on the menu for tonight, tovarish?  Kittens Kiev?”

Yum For The Revolution,
Chris Brady

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