Hobsbawn, Science and Stalinism

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el 7 Aug 00, a las 12:32, Ivonaldo Neres Leite dijo:

>I am analysing now some message about the debate "Hobsbawm and
>Analytic History" that I started and I think there is a serious
>problem in the argumentations. It's the conception of science. It
>remebers the stalinist conception of science, alimited conception
>becauseit to see always the science as a bourgeois ideology.
>Sothemarxistswould need to creat the proletarian science,
>Lyssenko is a classical example of this. It's a ironic paradox to
>see Joseph Vissarianovitch Stalinto continue influencing the
>conception of science.

I am very puzzled at this. Why do you think that when someone points
out that a good historian such as Hobsbawm begins to distribute
imperialist conceptions (unknowingly, perhaps) she/he can be equated
with the crass brutality of the Lyssenkoists?

I would have felt less amazed (though equally puzzled) if you had
mentioned the "Proletkult" group. But you said "Lyssenko". And you
mentioned the ever irksome name of J. V. Stalin.

Please explain, Ivonaldo...

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
gorojovsky at arnet.com.ar

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