Small countries and imperialism

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Mon Aug 7 16:20:38 MDT 2000


Bless you for this.  My responses to people like Brian and Russell have
been spiteful in tone and I regret and apologize for that.  I am still all
too easily provoked by the Irish situation.

I am saddened in many ways by the current course of Sinn
Fein.  Nevertheless better this than the apolitical military violence and
the endless sacrifice for no clear p[olitical goal.

Besides the dialectic lives.  The current phase could be regarded as the
unification of the North. The next stage could be the unification of the
South.  Then we might get what we all desire so much - class politics in
Ireland which are not distorted by Imperialism.

I should empahsise here that some on the left want class politics which are
not distorted by the anti-Imperialist struggle.  That of course has been an
impossibility in Ireland.  Nevertheless it might be possible that Capital
could re-organise Ireland in such a way that Irish politics take a
radically new form.

To some what I have written might sound somewhat stageist - almost as if it
came out of the manuals of the Irish Stalinists. I would reject that of
course.  What I am trying to articulate is a feeling that we are entering a
radically new era in Irish Politics. I do not think anyone has planned
it.  It seems more like straight out serendipity to me.  Yet I am ever more
convinced that Orangeism is in a terminal state and that hopefully leaves
the way open for a new politics. Moreover as I have said before in the
context of a Uniting Europe - the struggle of the Orange Men - Not an Inch;
This will Maintain; What we Have We Hold etc - seems patently ridiculous
and a long way from the programmatic interests of the bourgeoisie.




>The "tiny self-selecting military elite" was no such thing.  Working class
>youth in the nationalist ghettoes flocked into the IRA in the early 1970s.
>It was a mass force.  It was the nationalist working class in arms.
>Unfortunately, the politics weren't there to be able to carry the thing
>However, the Republican Movement was still more impressive than the various
>revolutionary-talking left sects which, confronted with thousands of
>British troops and a militarised police force, were never up to throwing so
>much as a rock against the imperialists.
>The Trot and Stalinist left, however, imagined that you could build a
>revolutionary socialist movement in Ireland without confronting the fact
>that part of the country was under imperialist military occupation.
>Although I totally disagree with the current course of the Provo
>leadership, and have attacked it in a number of places, I still have more
>respect for the record of Adams, McGuinnes and co. than for the
>economistic, non-revolutionary 'left'critics, who spent years wagging
>fingers at republicans instead of confronting imperialism.
>Philip Ferguson

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