Fidel: 'We will not remain silent before any crime against other peoples'

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el 7 Aug 00, a las 14:02, Jose G. Perez dijo:

> Cuba's Fidel Castro: We will not remain silent
> before any crime or injustice against other Peoples


> ["They should not entertain any illusion regarding Cuba's stance if
> relations between the United States and our country ever become as
> normal as those currently existing with other socialist countries like
> China and Vietnam.
> ["We will not remain silent in the face of any crime, aggression or
> injustice committed against other peoples. Our battle of ideas will
> not cease as long as the current imperialist, hegemonic and unipolar
> system is still in place and remains a scourge of humanity and a
> mortal threat to the survival of our species."]


>       Our neighbor, the empire, is living election time.

There must be a mistake here. It is José Martí who speaks. Or so it

Vamos, Fidel Castro, todavía!!!!!!!!

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