Clinton's visit to Nigeria

Johannes Schneider Johannes.Schneider at
Tue Aug 8 03:50:07 MDT 2000

Lou Paulsen wrote:

> Meanwhile, there are indications that President Clinton may not go to
> Port Harcourt during his visit to Nigeria later this month, following
> last week's hostage taking of 165 oil workers in Bayelsa State.

In an earlier report from the Nigerian press it was mentioned that the
secret service did not allow Clinton to visit Lagos and Northern cities like
Kano and Kaduna.

Lagos was ruled out for general security concerns, for the Northern states
it was a mixture of security reasons and political reasons (the recent
introduction of Islamic law). Thats why a visit to Port Harcourt was
initially scheduled.

Now it looks as if Clinton will only go to Abuja. One has to keep in mind
that Abuja is a completely 'artificial' city consisting only of
administrative buildings and hotels. Even most embassies preferred to stay
in Lagos. For the construction of Abuja billions of $$ where vasted
benefitting only international construction enterprises (like German owned
Julius Berger) and adding to the vast foreign debt of Nigeria.


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