Replying to Owen was Re: Final word to Mr. Cahill

Gary Maclennan g.maclennan at
Tue Aug 8 20:16:29 MDT 2000

Thank you for this Owen.  I will reserve judgement about the PUP until I
know more.  However I agree one has to move away from a state of giving up
on all Protestant workers.  Mind you it is worth noting that illusions can
be dangerous, fatally so, here.

My own take on the Protestants is very much influenced by the fact that now
I have next to no contact with them.  So in a way I can be more sentimental
about them.  You say that they strike British workers as strange.  I have
no doubt that you are correct here.  For myself the tragedy of the
dialectic is that they are so bloody obviously Irish.  Who else would march
up and down and batter those huge drums and dance around bonfires?  But
they cannot recognize this in themselves.  They will not let go of their
colonial heritage.  To them the catholics are still the dangerous natives,
just waiting to come out of the woods and burn down the colonist's barn and
sack his house.  This colonialism expresses itself in their ignorant
irrational hatred of the Irish language, and their conviction that
'Perfidous Albion'  i.e. England is selling them out.

Still to repeat myself, capital is at work again in Ireland.  All that is
solid is melting into air. 25 years from now commentators will clearly
identify the process by which Ulster/N. Ireland inevitably and reasonably
smoothly melted into a united Ireland. We alas are doomed to see through a
glass darkly.



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