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Norm, in response to your inquiry on wage labor in LDCs, I am attaching some web

Valentine M.Moghadam
Gender and Globalization:Female Labor and Women ’s Mobilization
Journal of World-Systems Research, Vol V, 2, 1999, 367-388

Journal of World-Systems Research
Volume 5, Number 1 (Spring 1999)
Linda R. Beer
Income Inequality and Transnational Corporate Penetration

Gernot Köhler
The Structure of Global Money and World Tables of Unequal Exchange
Journal of World-Systems Research
Volume 4, Number 2 (Fall 1998)



Norman Mikalac wrote:

>>"For almost a decade Jeffrey Williamson, in collaboration with various
>authors, has been investigating the many facets of late nineteenth
>international economic integration."

>very interesting review.  what about today?  are there studies that show
in the last 50 years whether or not there has been convergence or
divergence in returns to factors of production, including wages labor,
in various LDCs and MDCs?


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