New Bok: Women of a Non-State Nation: The Kurds

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International Kurdish Women's Studies Network

Tora Navneteweyî ya Lêkolînên Jinên Kurd
Women of a Non-State Nation: The Kurds
Edited by Shahrzad Mojab
Costa Mesa: Mazda Publishers. Forthcoming, Spring 2000

This book is the first scholarly work on feminism and nationalism in the context
of one of the most persistent nationalist movements of the twentieth century
Kurdish nationalism. While a considerable volume of the literature on the Kurds
deals with their nationalism, the place of women in this nationalist movement
has rarely been

The relationship between nationalism and feminism is quite complex and
conflictive. While some progress has recently been made in theorizing the
relationships, there is a dearth of empirical studies of the topic. The
contributors to this book examine aspects of Kurdish women's lives in light of
current theoretical debates. For the first time, the contributors apply gender
critique to the understanding of the nationalism of the world's largest
non-state nation, the Kurds.

The book introduces a gender dimension into the growing literature on Kurdish
nationalism. The diversity of Kurdish women's lives and experiences, from their
membership in the parliament to military activism to mothering is documented. At
the same time, it provides extensive evidence and analysis, which questions the
widely accepted claim that Kurdish women enjoy more freedom compared with their
Arab, Turkish and Persian sisters.

Many of the topics in the book have never been addressed in Kurdish studies, for
instance, gender and self-determination, women and Sufism, feminism and
nationalism, and women and health choices. The editor's introductory chapter is
the first survey of Kurdish women's studies, and provides a critical overview of
the state of research, and examines theoretical and methodological issues as
well as the politics and political economy of research on the women of a
non-state nation.

Shahrzad Mojab, The Solitude of the Stateless: Kurdish Women at the Margins of
Feminist Knowledge.

Part I: Historical Perspectives:
Janet Klein, The Natural Resources of the Nation: Women in Kurdish Nationalist
Discourse of the Late Ottoman Period.

Rohat Alakom, Kurdish Women's Movement in Constantinople. Shahrzad Mojab, Women
and Nationalism in the Kurdish Republic of 1946.

Part II: Political and Legal Perspectives:
Martin van Bruinessen, From Adela Khanum to Leyla Zana: Women as Political

Heidi Wedel, Kurdish Migrant Women in Istanbul: Community and the Resources for
Political Participation of Marginalized Social Group.
Susan McDonald, Kurdish Women and Self-determination: A Feminist Approach to
International Law.

Part III: Social, Cultural, and Linguistic Perspectives:
Maria O'Shea, Medic, Mystic or Magic? Women's Health Choices in a Kurdish Town.
Christine Allison, Folklore and Fantasy: The Portrayal of Women in Kurdish Oral
Mirella Galletti, Western Images of the Woman's Role in Kurdish Society.
Annabelle Bottcher, Portraits of Kurdish Women in Contemporary Sufism.

Amir Hassanpour, The (Re)production of Patriarchy in the Kurdish Language.

                 Spring 2000: xii+295pp., notes, bibliography
                 ISBN:1-56859-092-X (cloth ): $35.00
                 ISBN:1-56859-093-8 (paper): $17.95

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