When in doubt, arrest the darked skinned-ones

Macdonald Stainsby mstainsby at SPAMtao.ca
Wed Aug 9 16:53:55 MDT 2000

> Freedom for Chechnya in 2000!
> Julio Cesar

What does this mean? Freedom to run oil for the West and enslave women? This
movement is precisely why I oppose calling Islam "neccessarily progressive".
Even outside of the gender apartheid, the Chechen "rebels" are not exactly
princely. There is nothing to say that they would do any of the
nationalisation of the Iranians, nor the anti-Imperialism of Hiz'bollah.
They are entirely within the plans of the US to dismember the Russian state
even further, so as to prevent Russia from ever emerging as a power again.
It is very well and good to hope for Russian defeat (something I am still
undecided upon), quite another to call for these brutish thugs who are
working hand in glove with American and German intelligence to rip a chunk
out of the Russian Federation for their groteque governing style while
solidifying Western domination of Caucasus oil.

Covert Action did a marvelous exposé of these "seperatists" in their latest


No one needs to be told what an anti-progressive Putin is. That doesn't make
his enemies any better. The Chechen rebels resemble the KLA, and so do the
motivations of the West in promoting this action. Watch where you tread in
your rush to stop the decent of Russia.


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