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Wed Aug 9 20:57:24 MDT 2000

>I can't help but feel that there is a systematic
>attack on cyberspace, or the left - but that's
>my paranoia for you.

2 things that are sort of relevant to this. First of all, I must apologize
for the digest that just got sent to the list. I subbed to the digest in
order to track down some technical problem and for some reason I don't
fully understand the digest was sent to the list rather than me.

Second, you might have seen the post earlier from Karl Carlile, which ended
up here even though it was posted to rev-commies at (love that
name). Those idiots added the list address to their godforsaken mailing
list just the way that was done with truepeace at I dropped
Carlile immediately.

Basically I think that egroups gives mailing lists a bad name. I don't
think that mailing list software should allow addresses to be added without
the consent of the subscriber. When you sub to the Marxism list, the first
thing that happens is you receive an authorization message. If you ignore
it, you will not be subbed.

Egroups is about making money. Period. So they want as many names pouring
into their database as possible so they can bill their Banking and airline
advertisers as high a rate as possible. They do have something called
abuse at which apparently was the undoing of the dissident
Cliffites. People who were not actually subbed without their knowledge
complained to egroups and the mailing list was dropped.

Personally I can't think of anything more intrusive than being added to a
mailing list without one's permission. It is what might be called
cyber-opportunism. As difficult as it to forge bonds in cyberspace, the
last thing we need is to treat an email address like a commodity.

Louis Proyect
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