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Les Schaffer godzilla at
Wed Aug 9 22:37:11 MDT 2000

The latest issue of Linux Weekly News,

has pointers to several articles on the growing use of Linux in
China. See:,4712,2610730,00.html

the first article points out that the heretofore slow __localization__
of Linux -- making its default language Chinese -- is a sticking point
to broader adoption of the operating system. I am not familiar with
the details of conversion to Chinese language, but i do know people
who have converted to other locales and it takes some
expertise. presumably this is the stuff that the linux groups and
companies in china are dealing with.

the article also points out -- Henry is there truth to this -- that a
certain attaitude prevails in China that its just as easy to steal
Windows and be done with it, so why bother with linux. This of course
overlooks other reasons for using something like Linux, freely
available source code, capacity for large numbers of people to learn
something about the systems they use rather than go blindly the M$
way. etc.

The third article is a ZDNet piece speculating on the future of
software if India were also to broadly adopt linux in lieu of

Havent read the second article yet.... it begins by discussing Windows
sales in china with bill gates...

les schaffer

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