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Johannes Schneider Johannes.Schneider at
Thu Aug 10 04:18:49 MDT 2000

Les Schaffer wrote:

> The latest issue of Linux Weekly News,
> has pointers to several articles on the growing use of Linux in
> China. See:
> the first article points out that the heretofore slow __localization__
> of Linux -- making its default language Chinese -- is a sticking point
> to broader adoption of the operating system. I am not familiar with
> the details of conversion to Chinese language, but i do know people
> who have converted to other locales and it takes some
> expertise. presumably this is the stuff that the linux groups and
> companies in china are dealing with.
> Havent read the second article yet.... it begins by discussing Windows
> sales in china with bill gates...

The  article is quite interesting. On localization it makes this remark:

Begin quote:
It did not help politically that Microsoft used Taiwanese programmers to
localise the Chinese version of Windows 95, and it was claimed that they had
embedded slogans such as "take back the mainland" and "communist bandits" in
the product.
End quote

In the rest of the article mostly Linux market shares (as opposed to Linux)
and pricing is discused. The possible NSA backdoor in NT is mentioned as

At the end the article speculates that the Chineses government could declare
Linux the official operating system if the US presses to much on the
copyright issues.


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