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 However, what I am deadly opposed
> to is what may be termed "vulgar anti-imperialism", i.e., abandoning a
> class perspective and measuring everything by degrees of
> anti-imperialism.

What kind of a class perspective does not measure everything by what
you call "degrees of anti-imperialism" today, Owen? There are not
"degrees", in fact. There is a global class struggle between the
imperialist bourgeoisies of the West and humankind as a whole.
Certain places on this planet (most of them, in fact) are suffering
from the attacks of that bourgeoisie. The basic class question, the
basic class struggle in those places is "who fights imperialism

So that this is "vulgar anti-imperialism". What would be "refined
anti-imperialism"? Suggesting that there are other imperialisms
besides those of Western Europe, the United States, and Japan? Well,
prove it. You have not. And I am afraid you will get caught by your
own lasso if you try.

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
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