John Ky hand at
Thu Aug 10 07:25:48 MDT 2000

> Basically I think that egroups gives mailing lists a bad
> name. I don't think that mailing list software should
> allow addresses to be added without the consent of
> the subscriber. When you sub to the Marxism list, the
> first thing that happens is you receive an authorization
> message. If you ignore it, you will not be subbed.

Having never run a mailing list, I don't know much
about them, but surely mailing lists should reject
email addresses that aren't subscribed to it.

Suppose someone subbed marxism at
to truepeace at I would have thought
that since truepeace at is not in marxism's
subscription list marxism would either bounce or filter
messages that originated from there.

That would not save moderators from the flood though
but it could save the rest.


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