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Thu Aug 10 14:01:29 MDT 2000


It's an *analytical* comment.

Lou is making fun telling on himself. but I clipped it to save bandwidth.


>>> xxxxxxxx at 08/10/00 03:30PM >>>

I did not *get* your your analytical comment Charles???


Charles Brown wrote:

> This list needs a form by which one can say amen, oops, I mean "this is a nice post"
>to ones like this one by Lou.
> My analytical comment is hahahahahahahahahahhhhaha !
> CB
> >>> lnp3 at 08/10/00 09:42AM >>>
> -clip-
> Which brings me back to my days in the Trotskyist movement down in Houston
> in the mid-70s. One Saturday I went down to the local Piggly-Wiggly grocery
> store to sell the Militant, where I was joined by a Hare Krishna mendicant.
> When I told him that I was there first, he assumed a boxer's stance and
> told me that I'd have to fight him for the spot.
> -clip-
> Of course, if I didn't go
> along with her manic schemes, I wouldn't get sex.
> -clip-


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