Jihad and Revolution in Chechnya

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Thu Aug 10 17:41:50 MDT 2000

Julio Pino wrote:

> >Not a single Arab regime
> >has come out in support of the Jihad in Chechnya, while the Pakistani
> >generals deeply fear its spread into their country.

Actually, the corrupt Pakistani government has always been subservient to US
strategic interests. It was the former Pakistani president who allowed the
Talibani militants to spread into Afghanistan and helped establish their regime
there, with strategic military aid. Now, the same regime is trading Afghan
women from Kabul at 1800 dollars for Pakistani capitalists to have sex with
them. The generals or the former regime. It does not matter; they are both
fucked up, if you ask my "considered opinion"  ( in honor of  Mark Jones)...

Since the source of money does not seem to be important for you as long as the
end is a holy war, means justfying the ends, in praise of Machievelli,  let
them fuck their women, dude! What I can say is that this sort of
anti-imperialist struggle is just *unstrategic*. It loses its  *popular*
support and immediately bounces back, exacarbeting the tensions and reinforcing
the powerlessness of common people there! At least, they could have
strategically mobilized women into their struggle as Iranian Mullas did.

Not a single Islamist regime, except Taliban. Remember that not all Muslims are
Arabs. Regarding Muslim aid to Chechenya, although there are some rumors that
(Dawn, Feb  2000) Taliban's Foreign Minister Wakil Ahmed Muttawakil sent troops
to Chechenya, there is no concrete evidence of  troops arriving there.
According to AP,  however, the Taliban regime openly acknowledged its support
to Chechen national independence.

"The Taliban's Foreign Minister Wakil Ahmed Muttawakil said on Monday that it
was  the Muslim world's shame that it did not support Chechnya.

"They are my brothers. The only solution is to help the Chechens," Muttawakil
said. However, he did not confirm that the Taliban had sent fighters to the
ravaged Russian republic. "They are not terrorists; they are fighting for their
freedom," said Muttawakil. -AP

apologies for too many "fucks"..


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