Jihad and Revolution in Chechnya

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> >> Freedom for Chechnya in 2000!
> >> Julio Cesar
> >
> >What does this mean?
> It means that I support the right of the Chechen people to independence,
> which is what they clearly want, and that this can only be accomplished
> under the banner of Islam.

Thanks for laying out your position.

> I'd like to address several points raised  by both, Comrades Macdonald,
> Owen with regards to Chechnya and Islamic resistance to imperialism.
> 1.That the Chechens are responsible for terrorist operations inside Russia
> is believed by the Russian Ministry of the Interior, and nobody else.
> you find it odd that when Putin launched his invasion of Chechnya the
> bombings suddenly stopped? You think Putin and his gang are incapable of
> killing  Russian civilians?

Neither myself nor Owen beleive this. We both (I gather) see this as a plot
from Putin et al.

> 2. You want me to believe that the Chechen rebels are pawns of the
> and German bourgeosie because Covert Action says so? These are the same
> bozos who think AIDS is a product of US army biological warfare.

Not to get sidetracked, but if you read their article on AIDS they deal with
the suspicion and put it down by the end.

 Now we've
> moved from Marxism to conspiratology.But let's say for the sake of
> the rebels are receiving funds from the USA and the FRG.Who gives a
> monkey's... Fidel took money from former Cuban president and full-time
> crook Prio Socorro to launch the Granma expedition in 1956. Lazaro
> sold oil to Hitler and Mussolini to break the American blockade of Mexican
> petroleum.I understand the FARC taxes drug dealers in Colombia. Who cares
> where the money comes from as long as the struggle is just. Which brings
> to...

The question is: Why are the Americans and Germans funding this, not whether
or not it is "just". What is just is an advance in the defeat of American
Imperialism, and that is directed at Russian territory right now.

> 3.The Chechens do not politically resemble nor do they support the KLA or
> even the Bosnian Muslim leadership. Quite the opposite. The rebel command
> condemned the NATO attack on Yugoslavia as an act of "imperialist
> hypocrisy",

"hypocritical" in that America would not bomb Moscow as well, yes. That
hardly suffices.

and the Bosnian Muslim puppet government installed by NATO has
> suppressed pro-Chechen demonstrations in Sarajevo.Not a single Arab regime
> has come out in support of the Jihad in Chechnya, while the Pakistani
> generals deeply fear its spread into their country.For documentation on
> rebels' foreign policy, check-out the Chechen website at
> http://www.qoqaz.net/
> 4. "No one needs to be told what an anti-progressive Putin is." That's
> saying Der Fuhrer was a little bit wrong on the Jewish question.Putin is a
> racist pig and anti-semite. Owen is absolutely right; Putin instigated
> war to whip up chauvinist hysteria to uphold a collapsing capitalist order
> threatened by the Russian proletariat,

most likely, yes

 and to score points with Clinton and
> Blair for "what a tough guy he is", deserving of our suppport.

Definitely not.  Blair and Clinton are among his greatest detractors, but
unwilling to go to war with Moscow: when an insurrection is being put down
"for the right reasons" it stays out of our press almost entirely. Hence I
never saw a story on Kurds in Turkey, but here of them in Iraq repeatedly,
never saw a story on East Timor until the occupation of it by the UN was
desired, etc.

next bit snipped, as it is reference to something I did not state.

>Making a
> revolution in the Muslim world, including Chechnya, is impossible without
> using Islam (without the quotation marks) for a bedrock; just like no
> American revolution can succeed unless it takes nationalism as its
> point.That doesn't make nationalism progressive or reactionary, just
> useful. The first step in making a revolution in the Former Soviet Union
> to make the year 2000 a hell for Russian soldiers in Chechnya and force
> Ivan to go home.

Julio: While I still agree that it is deadly for the Russian working class
to get caught supporting a fight for this territory rather than for class
needs, you still have not addressed why this is an important region, and
what would change geo-politically with a Chechen rebel victory. When the
last remaining sectors of contested oil go towards the West rather than
Russia and China, that will strengthen the hand of US and European
Imperialism, which is not beneficial for either Russia or China. My main
hope, at the point where I see nothing else will probably turn a few
stomachs: A long, drawn out and protracted war in Chechnya that allows
neither victory or defeat, but sees the Russian people watching a hopeless
war and forbidding any real change in their lives except their children
coming home in body bags. Historically speaking, the Russian people seem to
know what to do with a regime that gets stuck in a war that can not be
either won or lost. And the revolution that follows, should it do so, should
hopefully have the Chechen Caucasus within their grasp, happily seperated
from the reaches of the West as well. Then, and only then, can we even
discuss true "self-determination" for Chechnya.

Most importantly, people simply must grasp that the Russian state is not an
Imperialist one at all. It might be authoritarian, militaristic, Quisling,
whatever... but it ain't part of the global Imperialist camp. Anything else
is a bastardisation of the term.

> Comradely,and may Allah bless you both,
> Julio Cesar


hoping for the blessings of socialism right here on Earth. :-)

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