AW: Jihad and Revolution in Chechnya

Kurt Lhotzky kurt.lhotzky at
Thu Aug 10 19:46:53 MDT 2000

Dear Comrade,

my English is rather crude - nevertheless, I want to comment on Your mail.

I do not think that Chechens will gain liberty with the Koran in their
right hand an a green flag in the left. I am ready to support any supressed
nationalities - but I am not obliged to support their reactionary
prejudices like, e.g., religion.

Read the minutes of the "Conress of the peoples of the East" (Baku,.
September 1920) It was there that Zinoviev launched the slogan of the "holy
war against imperialism" to promulge revolutions in Asia and the Islamic
world. In fact, this line contributed a lot to destroying existing marxist
nuclei in these countries and gave free hand to a whole bunch of religious

I think it´s correct to support the Chechnyan fight for national
independence - but around the axis of an independent, secualr Chechen
state. As marxists, we never should adapt to backward conceptions. And
adapting to this "Islam" is worse than a crime - it´s an error!


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