Jihad and Revolution in Chechnya

Norman Mikalac mikalac at SPAMworldnet.att.net
Fri Aug 11 04:21:11 MDT 2000

thanks for your great article which makes the events in Chechnnya
finally understandable.


sevag wrote:
> Comrades:
>     When discussing Islamism and specially militant revolutions, one should
> not forget the social dimension, or what Hrair Dekmejian would classsify in
> a general topic called the crisis milieux. The history of Islam has seen
> such revolutions or struggles, but what has been taking place in Chechnya
> has a special factor.
>     First of all, the history of Islamism in Chechnya is no history at all.
> The anti-tsarist or anti-russian movements were mainly carried out by 3
> muslim leaders in Chechnya and Daghestan. These are Sheikh Mansour, Ghazi
> Mollah and Imam Shamil. All 3 were Sufis. Actually the Chechens have known
> nothing but Sufism as a way of life. Sufism is totally depoliticized, and
> Sufis are spiritual and anti-militants. However, the national struggles
> against the oppressor made the Sufis break their codes of morality. Keeping
> this in mind it will be clear that the Sufis hate Islamism, and this is the
> case in every corner of the world. Actually the Sufis in Chechnya which were
> from 2 main orders: the Naqshbandiyya and the Qadiriyya hated Islamist
> fighters and intruders alot. History tell us so.
>     With the collapse of the USSR and its institutions, everything changed
> but Sufism. Sufism is not an institutional Islam. Hence u don't need mosques
> etc... All those non-Sufis were prosecuted during the KGB years, and even if
> they survived the KGB they wouldn't have in their everyday life. In 1994 the
> Russian government claimed that there were Wahhabis in Daghestan and
> Chechnya.... where did they come from???? specially in Chechnya.
>     The revolution in Chechnya is imported...it is not the fight of the
> Chechen people...but it is those whom i like to call "ideological
> mercenaries" of Afghan Mujahideen who were from different origins...for
> example Amir Khattab is one of the leaders of the Chechen revolution and he
> is an arab of either Saudi or Jordanain origin (most probably from the
> desert b/w these 2 countries). True that there are Chechen leaders, but
> these are very few and most of them fought against the Taliban and the Arab
> Mujahideen when they were soldiers or commanders in the Red Army!
>     What's happening in Chechnya is not a revolution at all...it is the last
> home of those leftovers of Islamist homeless fighters and it seems the
> Russian government is too corrupt itself to deal with them.

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