Pakistanis held for Moscow blast

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11 August 2000

Pakistanis held for Moscow blast
MOSCOW: Pakistani citizens are among the mercenaries detained in Chechnya in
connection with Tuesday's bombing in a busy Moscow underpass which killed up
to eight people and injured more than 90, Russian interior ministry sources
disclosed on Wednesday.
Reiterating the charge about the existence of terrorist training camps in
Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan and Tajikistan, a spokesman of the
ministry said Tuesday that the fact of the Afghan Taliban continuing to
enter the territories of the former Soviet Central Asian Republics had been
proved when Uzbek authorities Tuesday said that its troops had liquidated
Afghan bandits who intruded into their land from adjoining Tajikistan on
their way to Chechnya.
A Novosti report said the authorities had also found a Chinese fighting on
the side of the Chechen militants, who are suspected to be behind the bomb
Sources in Russia's federal security bureau(FSB) said that the blast was a
part of a series of nationwide terrorist activities planned on August seven
by Chechen militants who, as part of their plan, had also placed lethal
explosives at Kazan, the busiest railway station in Moscow, which was to
explode simultaneously with the blast that occurred in the underground
The explosives at Kazan were, however, detected in time and defused, the
sources said and added that the Chechen militants succeeded in carrying out
only one successful bomb blast in the centre of Moscow.
''The militants have now fixed August 25 as the new date for fresh attempts
to mark their ''presence'' in Russia,'' sources said, adding: ''Russian
security forces will deal with such attempts in a proper way.''
Meanwhile, Russian news agencies came out with a list of terrorist attacks
carried out in Russia between 1977 (during the Soviet regime) and 1999. In
all, 20 bomb blasts had been carried out during this period in Moscow alone,
most of them occurring during 1994-1999.
Two major blasts, one on September nine last year and the other one six days
later, had taken a heavy toll of human lives as they had blasted nine-storey
apartment buildings. Tusday's blast is the first one this year.(UNI)

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