AW: Jihad and Revolution in Chechnya

Julio Pino jpino at
Fri Aug 11 14:08:14 MDT 2000

Kurt: I've always treasured your reports from Austria, and your English is
perfect. I'm going to answer you and the other comrades on Chechnya.
1.>You write: "I think it´s correct to support the Chechnyan fight for
>independence - but around the axis of an independent, secualr Chechen
>1. When you find anyone in Chechnya who supports this position, let me
know.Until then I'll give my support, propaganda and otherwise, to the
Mujahadeen.DENYING the Chechens their own homeland will only strengthen the
most reactionary elements in that country. The Taliban came to power
precisely because the more "secular" Afghan regimes before them failed
miserably at holding Afghanistan together.
2.In a world dominated by imperialism, any national liberation struggle
anywhere is bound to temporarily benefit one or more of the imperialist
powers. What does that have to do with the justness of the struggle? There
were German ruling circles (according to Martin Lee's book on neo-fascism
"The Beast Reawakens") who supported and financed the FLN in Algeria. John
F. Kennedy in 1957 made a famous speech in the US Senate calling on the
French to withdraw.Did that taint the Algerian liberation struggle or cause
anti-imperialist to abandon it?
3. No, Russia is not, in the Marxist sense, an imperialist country, but it
is once again "A prison-house of nations." Saying that we can only support
the right of self-determination for those nationalities whose politics or
religion we happen to like makes "national self-determination" a joke.
4. That the Chechen Mujahadeen are creatures of the Taliban or the Arab
Wahabbees does not merit a serious response. It reminds me of Reagan's
position that there would have been no war in Central America if not for
the Cubans, who were planning to march on Waco, Texas. Remember?
5. What are the Chechens, whose land is occupied and pillaged by the
Russian army, supposed to do RIGHT NOW? Wait until the USA and Germany no
longer have any designs on Russia and then launch a counterattack?
6. Kurt, you write: adapting to this "Islam" is worse than a crime - it´s
an error!"
I wholly disagree. I think the future of Marxism lies precisely in adapting
to Islam or Hugo Chavez or the Tamil Tigers or any other force that
currently confronts imperialism in the name of preserving
national/ethnic/religious identity. Otherwise were doomed to exist solely
in cyberspace.More on this later.
Comradely, Julio Cesar Pino


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