Jihad and Revolution in Chechnya

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> > From: "Macdonald Stainsby"
> > when an insurrection is being put down "for the right reasons" it stays
> > out of our press almost entirely.  Hence I never saw a story on Kurds in
> > Turkey, but here of them in Iraq repeatedly, never saw a story on East
> > Timor until the occupation of it by the UN was desired, etc.
> The situation in Australia with East Timor was different.  There was a
> fairly regular stream of articles on why East Timor should stay part of
> Indonesia, and how the solidarity movement were encouraging the East
> Timorese in a delusion, and how the human rights situation was improving,
> and so on.
> To a large extent, this was a result of the solidarity movement being so
> active here:  it couldn't just be ignored.
> I could see the silence in the Canadian and US press contributing to the
> misunderstanding of the situation seen last year.  It may have just looked
> like another imperialist beatup.
> It wasn't.

My reference would be for the majority of the population in those countries,
and how radicals could use that as a media analysis to track the actions and
directions of our respective ruling classes throughout the world. In the
case of at least North America, while many of the left were paying close
attention through alternate sources, the bourgeois press getting on board
was a significant development. It showed that they were now to be taken as
part of the equation; why else would they want to talk about this *now*?

This is a vulgar rule, but one of the healthier rules of thumb to follow.
Most of us, if not all, were familiar with the East Timorese struggle, what
I was refering to was the shift in the global dynamic, not the Timorese
national. The same must be said for Chechnya in many regards. Hence a BBC
documentary into atrocities, real or imagined, being carried out by Russian
troops last winter. My question is, first and foremost, "Why are you telling
me this now?"


> Alan Bradley
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