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Charles, I am here. I had to take a break last night. Now let me turn to comrade
Pino's reply to me:

Julio Pino wrote:

>4. That the Chechen Mujahadeen are creatures of the Taliban or the Arab
>Wahabbees does not merit a serious response.

This is evidently a response to my meritless response. However, let me
respectfully tell you one thing, comrade Pino. Personal affronts like this only
create destructive responses. They do not promote constructive criticisms. If
you wanna criticize me, please be constructive comrade!!. Don't mess around with
me, because I did not mess around with you. Never. Manly arrogance drives me
nuts! Period..

What did I say briefly?

1) I did not say that Chechen militants are the creatures of Taliban regime. I
*only* said that Taliban foreign minister Mutakawil publicly acknowledged its
support to Chechen national/islamic independence."The Taliban's Foreign Minister
Wakil Ahmed Muttawakil said on Monday that it was  the Muslim world's shame that
it did not support Chechnya". Given that you were complaining about Muslim
world's indifference to Chechen struggle, Muttawakil's news release should
perfectly confirm your criticism. I don't see why you complain. You should be
defensive of Taliban here. Accordingly, what I posted was a descriptive
information, confirmed  by another information from Pakistani Dawn magazine
saying that there was no evidence of Afghan troops arriving in Chechenya. Well,
all of these sources are bourgeois sources. Too bad! Didn't you inform me about
the activities of the Turkish welfare party on the basis of information provided
by Atlantic Magazine? I did not question the *descriptive* part of your
information, at least.

2) You posted here a quite positive article about Taliban. I did not say
anything supportive or critical about it. Now that you constantly say "means
justifies the ends as long as the end goal is national self determination' or
"Cihad, Allah Allah" or whatever, I take a second about your comments. *Nobody*
on this list is denying the right to national self determination. Religion can
be used to achieve valuable political ends. Theology of liberation is a perfect
example. Accordingly, we are discussing here which national struggle has a
better chance of survival, given the context, and produces much better results
to offset imperialism . We are discussing *not* the irrelevancy of religion, but
the its degree of success in political mobilization. If we want the end to be
just, the means should be strategic as well. You can not fight against
imperialism without having established a popular support at home. It bounces
back. Period.  Now that the regime in Afghanistan is finally established and we
see how fucked up it is, given very little anti-hegemonic/ popular support
behind it (in Gramscian sense) (this is not an Iranian revolution btw, after
which the regime still continued to recruit support from civil society,
especially at the consolidation stage. This is not popular Fidel regime either),
there is very little reason for us to unequivocally support Taliban. We support
Afghan people, but not Taliban sectarian Islamic militants who rule by sheer
terror. I am sure some  self identified *Islamists* would find the Taliban rule
terribly *un-Islamic*.

Having said this, I am repeating, what we harshly criticize is not Islam per se
but 1) hypocritical UN sanctions imposed upon Afghan people in the name of
protecting them from Taliban regime 2) Taliban regime itself that is
unfortunately incapable of fully offsetting American imperialism. Therefore,
this is a *double* critic. Western imperialists are taking advantage of the
Taliban regime to obscure the consequences of their sanctions there, ie
increasing poverty, drug use among Afghan women and revival of sex industry in
Kabul.  On the other hand, Taliban is doing nothing but confirming their
injustices as they publicly execute women, rape 9 yeas old girls in villages,
terroristically impose veiling on women, punish adultery, and still continue to
prostitute women in the name of Islam.

3) So You don't say anything about Afghan women. You don't say anthing about the
fact that powerless people such as women, children, etc.. are being  constantly
played like billiardo balls between barbaric US imperialism and Islamic radicals
(*Taliban* in this case). Sorry, but your silence about the  *double*
exploitation of third world women is driving me nuts!




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