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>1. When you find anyone in Chechnya who supports this position, let me
know.Until then I'll give my support, propaganda and otherwise, to the

6. Kurt, you write: adapting to this "Islam" is worse than a crime - it´s
an error!"
I wholly disagree. I think the future of Marxism lies precisely in adapting
to Islam or Hugo Chavez or the Tamil Tigers or any other force that
currently confronts imperialism in the name of preserving
national/ethnic/religious identity. Otherwise were doomed to exist solely
in cyberspace.More on this later.

Dear Comrade Julio

Thanks for Your response, which cannot convice me, nevertheless, that Your
position vis à vis the Chechnyen Mujahedeen is correct.

I want to deal with the two points quoted above in a more general way.

1) I think, that marxists anywhere in the world who are in solidarity with
anti-imperialist movements (or nationalist movements in former deformed or
degenerated workers states) in another spot of this planet are in no way
obliged to embrace the political line or the ideology of any party,
organization or guerrilla force which is struggling there.

Solidarity work doesn´t only mean to make pressure on the oppressors (via
manifesations, protests, signatures or more militant forms of activities)
but also to educate other currents in the solidarity movement along marxist
lines. Therefore, I think, it´s clear that it is even legitimate to
critizise - in an appropriate way - "progressive forces" in the region we
are solidarizing with.

An example: During the Gulf War, I supported the Irak. This did not mean in
any way for me to support Saddam or to cease critizising his domestic
policy, including the suppressin of the Kurds.

2) I do not think at all that the future of marxism lies in adapting to
Islam or Chavez. Since Bernstein we witnessed so many adaptions of marxism
to hostile currents, and the outcome was never good or even "progressive".
I think, the future of marxism lies in trying to break away working people
from movements and ideologies which are preserving class-societys,
patriarchalic or racist societies. Of course, that cannot happen in an
ultimatistic and sectarian way; but otherwise, marxism wold not have the
slightest reason to exist as a distinct movement.


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