Pro Mine: Commendations and Clarifications

Julio Pino jpino at
Sat Aug 12 12:14:14 MDT 2000

Dear Mine: I want to respond to your post respectfully, as I have always
done. The particular quote below about the Taliban was directed at a post
sent from Lebanon which asserted the Chechen resistance was an export from
Afgahnistan.  I'm proud you are my comrade.Sorry, if I offended your
To get down to the issues you raise:
1. I should have mentioned the Chechens maintain an "embassy" in Kabul, so
the Afghan Foreign Minister's quotation you cite is quite fitting. This
does not prove the Mujahadeen are "creatures" of the Taliban, as Russia
asserts(but you don't).
2.The article I posted on the Taliban was taken from an Islamic Media
internet site. It is not "quite favorable" to the Afghan regime, though you
may disagree. The writer, a woman,  tries to explain in historical (if not
materialist)terms why the Taliban have imposed such a harsh brand of Islam,
eg, the lack of female doctors and nurses in the Muslim world, even in the
most secular states, makes the very concept of women practicing medicine
unthinkable to the Taliban. The exploitation of their country by foreign
powers, including erstwhile "friends" like the Pakistanis, explains, in
part, their xenophobia. This is not an apologia but a call for Muslims (and
non-muslims)to engage the Taliban in dialogue.
3. I'm not inconsiderate of the plight of women in either Afghanistan or
Chechnya.Through MADRE, the group headed by Susan Sarandon, I have
contributed what modest sum I can to aid women in the Former Yugoslavia,
Afghanistan, etc. I will not, however, join in any crusade, no matter how
well intentioned, to somehow sanction the Taliban or the Mujahadeen.This
can only aid Washington's "human rights interventionism".Moreover, I
believe Muslims should settle gender issues themselves, without outside
interference.The biggest violator of female rights in the world are not the
Taliban but the US government, which at this moment is starving my aunts
(and uncles and cousins and nieces)in Cuba.US feminists(not you) who cheer
Madeline Albright make me wanna scream.
Fidel, for instance, has always been very careful to never utter a word of
criticism of the Iranian regime's internal politics but instead praise the
1979 Revolution, while pointing out that each revolution must solve its own
problems its own way.
4. Rape and drug-running are not unknown in the West.Whether the Taliban
leaders promote such practices (or even tolerate them) remains an opnen you say, one must read the bourgeois media cum grano saltis.
5.I normally don't go in for autobiography on my posts, since there is no
place for it on a Marxism discussion list. I will tell you, with all
humility,that last month I performed the Shahada here in Ohio and now I'm
proud to call myself a Muslim Marxist or a Marxist Muslim.
When I say Assalum Aleikum to you, I mean it.
Comradely and the Mercy of Allah (SWT)be upon you
Julio Cesar
Julio Pino wrote: >4. That the Chechen
>Mujahadeen are creatures of the Taliban or the Arab
>>Wahabbees does not merit a serious response.
>This is evidently a response to my meritless response. However, let me
>respectfully tell you one thing, comrade Pino. Personal affronts like this
>only create destructive responses. They do not promote constructive
>criticisms. If you wanna criticize me, please be constructive comrade!!.
>Don't mess around with me, because I did not mess around with you. Never.

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