CIA's Counterterrorism Central:Osama bin Laden in Paradise

Julio Pino jpino at
Sat Aug 12 12:53:43 MDT 2000

Comrades: here's a bit of info. I picked up while researching Osama bin Laden.
Imagine asking for directions to find a bathroom at Langley:
"Well, son, you go down Sendero Luminoso corridor, turn right at the ETA
drinking fountain and then walk about 30 feet until you get to the corner
of Hezbollah and FARC."

>From Newsweek:
"In the Counter
Terrorism Center, CIA and FBI agents work together tracking the movements
of the world's most infamous outlaws. Hanging
from the ceiling are mock street signs pointing the way to the various
working groups. There's Tamil Tiger Terrace and Abu Nidal
Blvd.--a bit of spook humor to lessen the tension of their deadly serious

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