Germany: Racism

Tony Abdo aabdo at
Sat Aug 12 02:50:21 MDT 2000

One paragraph in the article by Kurt Reumann reads.......

<You do not have to be a neo-Nazi to believe that. (there are too many
immigrants).    People annoyed by abuses of the asylum laws or others
who believe that a high percentage of foreigners stokes right-wing
extremism among German workers and the unemployed often tell
interviewers that immigration needs to be reduced. These are Germans who
favor the Social Democratic Party, the Christian Democratic Union, its
Bavarian-based sister party, Christian Social Union, or even the Party
of Democratic Socialism, the successor of the former East German
communists. But they do not favor the right-wing Republikaner, the
National Democratic Party or the German People's Union.>

This is most disturbing, and goes to show that more than just a struggle
against The Right is needed.      The struggle to defend immigrants, and
their right to be where they are, begins within The Left.     Exactly
because much of The Left secretly sides with The Rightist sentiment
about the dangers that immigrants supposedly bring, though they feel
often ashamed to openly admit it.

Germany, as well as The United States, appears to have a Left where the
majority now believe that immigrants must be banned from entering.
This is a very sad development, and parallels the lack of a larger Left
opposition to imperialist adventures.

Tony Abdo

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