Chechnya and Human Rights

Julio Pino jpino at
Sat Aug 12 18:45:19 MDT 2000

The Republic of Chechnya has posted a call addressed to the "International
Organizations"(sic)to demand the following from the Russian government.
The full message can be accessed

1.. Immediately to release thousands of civil persons, among whom hundreds
of Chechen women and children, seized by the
     Russian aggressors in ChRI, who are staying in Russian prisons,
concentration camps and filtration stations.
   2.. To give out to the Chechen authorities the colonel-sadist Budanov,
the murderer.
   3.. Completely to compensate to the Chechen state the moral and material
damage, for restoring the national economy
     destroyed by the two wars in ChRI.
   4.. Without any conditions to remove all Russian occupational forces
from the territory of ChRI, leaving for the armed forces of
     Ischkerya the ammunition, arms and heavy engineering.
   5.. To remove the Russian armies at a distance of 50 km from the borders
with ChRI, creating a demilitarized zone.
   6.. To carry out a new international "Nurenberg process" over the
criminal-terrorist regime of Kremlin and its leaders.
 Victory in 2000, Insha Allah!
Julio Cesar

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