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Sat Aug 12 19:47:54 MDT 2000

 Hi Comrade,

 Firstly I never suggested that there was any other imperialism other than that
of the West (as you say, Western Europe, America, Japan). Russia is not an imperialist
country, but a country raped systematically by imperialism to the point of becoming
a semi-colony effectively at the knees of the imperialist bourgeoisie. Its own
bourgeoisie is reliant on imperialism, and both conspired against the proletariat
there and atomised it. The Russian bourgeoisie is clearly dependent and that
makes opposition to the Chechen rebels on the grounds they are imperialist proxies
all the more ridiculous.

 When I speak of "vulgar anti-imperialism", it is not really anti-imperialism.
For example, comrade Jared Israel at one stage suggested supporting Putin on
the grounds he had waged war against imperialist proxies, the Chechen rebels.
I doubt, to his credit, that he still maintains this view. This is really "vulgar
anti-imperialism", which really turns everything on its head since the Putin
regime is actually the servant of imperialism, and indeed one that is beginning
a major offensive against the Russian working class. The Russian bourgeoisie
whom the Putin regime represents has been propped up throughout these terrible
ten years by imperialism, and frankly to suggest it is anti-imperialist in character
would be outrageous. When one becomes an "anti-imperialist" of this nature they
have effectively capitulated to imperialism (shit this is getting dialectical).

 What I am concerned about is encouraging the proletariat of the world to unite
with their nationalist-bourgeoisie against imperialism which I am DEEPLY opposed
to; in Russia this would be catastrophic considering the rape the Russian ruling
class has subjected the country to and the fact they are dependant on imperialism.
In this epoch, the bourgeoisie of the third world are entirely dependant on
imperialism and are incapable of carrying out their historic tasks which is
up to the proletariat solely. This is what I am concerned about; anti-imperialism
compromising working class independence and ending with half the world's proletariat
jumping into bed with their ruling class. Ugh. But anyway, I'm sure you agree
with me here.

 Of course, the only true gravediggers of imperialism are the proletariat of
the imperialist countries. I know very well that the oppressed of the third
world look at us with despair and wonder if our working class will ever rise,
or even consider that they are incapable of doing so because they have got so
privileged as a consequence of imperialism (which is not the case in any shape
or form). The proletariat of the West will rise, and when they do so, that will
spell the beginning of the absolute liberation of all humanity; clearly in a
backward country (as it was with Russia), it would not. Revolution in the advanced
capitalist countries, where the material conditions for socialism have been
there for a long time and where we are more ripe for socialism than ever before,
would spell the end of capitalism. Meanwhile our working class must provide
more than anything active solidarity to those our imperialist bourgeoisie oppress.

 I know the imperialist war against Argentina must have left a bitter taste
in your mouth about the British working class and for many revolutionaries across
Latin America. Indeed, this was a miserable time for revolutionaries in Britain.
Apparently, one would catch a bus and people would spontaneously chant "We'll
kill the Argies" and suchlike. It was though the entire country had gone completely
insane. Not only that, but it played the same role as the Chechen war for the
Russian bourgeoisie, because our ruling class was waging a vicious offensive
against the British working class at the time which it consolidated by tying
the workers with chauvinism to them. Thatcher was deeply unpopular before it
began. Things may have been very different if only we had lost that fucking
war and our own working class would not be so beaten as it is today.

 But since we have not had a revolution here since the 17th Century, we have
a lot to make up for. Of course when revolution finally comes to America, then
finally the oppressed of the world will be able to breathe again. And in the
third year of a Soviet America they will stop chewing gum....



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