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The Right of Nations to Self-Determination

February - May, 1914: "Complete equality of rights for all nations; the right of
nations to self-determination; the unity of the workers of all nations ......
"Insofar as the bourgeoisie of the oppressed nation fights the oppressor, we are
always, in every case, and more strongly than anyone else, in favour, for we are
the staunchest and the most consistent enemies of oppression. But insofar as the
bourgeoisie of the oppressed nation stands for its own bourgeois nationalism, we
stand against."

Please, can somebody give an accurate reading of Lenin here? Can somebody apply
his observations to Russia 2000?

1) Owen suggested to Nestor that "Russia is not an imperialist country, but a
country raped systematically by imperialism to the point of becoming a
semi-colony effectively at the knees of the imperialist bourgeoisie." Nobody has
serious doubts about this. Mac said it already. Following Lenin, theoretically, 
we could have expected  Russian nationalist bourgeoisie to fight against
imperialistic bourgeoisie. Given that Putin's regime has become an imperialist
ally totally capitulated to the interests of the US and is *incapable* of
fulfilling its historical mission in a Leninist sense, should we not expect the
Chechen and Russian working classes to fight *together* against both Russian and
US bourgeoisie in order to emancipate Russia first, and then to liberate
Chechens? Isn't this the most effective way offsetting imperialism and
contextualizing Lenin?  Why to emancipate Chechens first? What is the logical
order of priority here?

for example, historically, Kurds and Turks fought together in the Turkish
nationalist struggle against the British, despite the British attempts to
nurture Kurdish nationalism and divide the nationalist movement. plus, think
about  Wilson's so called "democratic universalism'. If Kurds seceded, we could
hardly carry out an anti-imperialist struggle capable enough to offsett British

2) What about the national bourgeoisie of Chechens? Does it stand for its own
bourgeois nationalism? OR Does it fight against imperialistic bourgeoisie, NOT
Russia *only*?. For Russia is *raped* already, raping the raped does not seem to

3) What are Chechen working classes thinking about seceding, btw?




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