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 Nestor Miguel Gorojovsky wrote:

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 We can create our own interventionism. Why not strategically use
Islam against Taliban Islamists? Why not instead mobilize the
popular/ cultural common sense against institutionalized Islam, like
Sufis did once? say Taliban is *unislamic*..

This Xxxx is a dangerous thing. Great and cutting. That's the way,
yes, that's the way!

"Taliban _unislamic_"...  It is so easy once another one has the


Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
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Dear Nestor, Taliban is perfectly  *islamic* from their own standpoint, because
the regime represents *political Islam*, which is what they think islam should
be. Talibans have a monopoly over Islam.  My proposal was *simply* strategic. I
am *not* a believer in religion. Period with big P. I was trying to cool down
people here. My point is that if we can gain traditional Muslims to our side,
instead of letting Islamists take advantage of the belief system of average
Muslim people, we can at least show them that Islamic radicals are *not* the
representative of the majority of population. In Turkey, 99 percent of the
population is Muslim, BUT  they do not believe in a theocratic state. Whatever
the monkey some believe is traditional Islam; going to mosque, pray five times a
day, make children and listen to proverbs from Mohammed on radio.They have, of
course, conservative prejudices like marriage, family, father authority, old
fashioned patriarchy, bla bla, but *not* political islam or killing people in
the name of Islam! My grandmother was an observant, but she always voted for
nationalist left, not even for a conservative or liberal party, MNP, once. She
was pro-abortion too.  Instead, young generation (educated, middle classes)  is
leaning towards religious radicalism. it is completely a post 80s phenomenon,
and a product of  fucked up *arabesk* liberal political
order..Turko-American-Saudi jingoism and its adulterated oil money!

btw, I got a message from a Turkish Marxist last night, complaining to me that
theology of liberation does not apply to Islamic movements in Turkey. Posts fly
on the net, and he somehow read my post dated august 1. I had a hard time in
explaining to him that I did not mean so.  I told him to reread my criticism of 
Ozal's religious populism and all the shit about the welfare party.  ohh hell!!
I hate being misunderstood.They remind me of my paranoid secular family and the
milieu back to Turkey!

I will come to Sufism and Kemalism later.I am so sleepy now!

okey,  local Bektasi tarikats, with secular inclinations, supported Kemal during
the anti-imperialist struggle. They did not constitute a major threat to secular
nationalists since, as I said before, Bektasis were organizing people in the
country side, recruiting mass support for Kemalists.  After the regime was
established, Kemal kicked their ass and closed the tarikats.  They were seen as
the representative of the old Ottoman order and its corrupt religious oligarchy.




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Nelson A. Rockefeller College
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