The perils of global finance

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Yes, C.T. Kurien has reviewed Paul Krugman's book The Return of Depression
Economics. The review appeared in the Indian journal Frontline published by
The Hindu group of publications based in Chennai (erstwhile Madras).


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> "Volume 17 - Issue 16, August 5 - 18, 2000
> India's National Magazine on
> from the publishers of THE HINDU
> The perils of global finance
> The Return of Depression Economics by Paul Krugman; W.W. Norton, New
> York,
> 2000; pages xxii+176, $12.95"
> this is a higly interesting article on a highly provocatively entitled
> book that i need to put on my reading list, but i'm confused by the
> references given above.  is CT Kurien writing an essay entitle "The
> Perils of Global Finance", in the magazine, "The Hindu", that reviews of
> Krugman's book, "The Return of Depression Economics"?
> norm
> Ulhas Joglekar wrote

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