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Hello to you Gary (and to the other list members),
    I have to admit, mate, that part of me envies the polemics that you are
getting to have a go at right now over your prologue ; and sadly, here I am
watching from the edges.  I have a question: when you, and the other readers
of this list, have had similar discussions with religious folk in the past
do they tend to have a good understanding of Marx (in whatever form Marx may
take) and mainly want to argue interpretations?  Or do they tend to rely on
'faith', dialectics and such things be damned?

Peace and Love,
Christopher Yeats
Minister of Coincidences
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> I am currently embroiled in a dispute with a Dominican priest over my
> prologue. > of Nazism. Mind you my opponent has not cited any detail in
his attack on
> me.  I think he knows that the devil is in the detail. > Gary

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