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review of Hitlers Pope

" Pius XI urged Catholics to vote fascist and described Mussolini as a man sent by
Providence. Hitler wrote the Vatican in 1929 warmly endorsing its political realism.

The treaty that Pacelli, as Vatican Secretary of State, devised with Mussolini he
duplicated with Hitler in 1933, immediately following Hitler's installation as Reich
Chancellor. Referred to as the Reich Concordat, this agreement was the one coup Hitler
needed to clear his path to dictatorship. As ominous as Hitler was even at this point
in history, he did not yet have dictatorial powers. The German Reichstag had the power
to limit what he could do. Hitler had written in Mein Kampf that a confrontation with
the Catholic Church would be disastrous. He boasted on July 14, 1933, that Pacelli's
guarantee of non-intervention in politics, the Concordat, left him free to resolve the
Jewish question. Hitler found in Pacelli the ideal Church leader. As Cromwell puts it,
"The perception of Pacelli's endorsement of the Nazi regime sealed the fate of Europe."

The Concordat gave the political field entirely over to Hitler. By its terms the
Catholic Center party was disbanded, permitting Hitler the votes in the Reichstag to
pass his Enabling Act, the act which gave him dictatorial powers. Hitler in turn gave
Pacelli full authoritarian control over the German Church, voiding local control over
ecclesiastical appointments. "

On Sat, 12 August 2000, Gary MacLennan wrote:

> I have got embroiled with several Romans over my prolog to the Catholic
> Worker pamphlet.  Can anyone help me with the sources for my remark that
> the Pope instructed or at least advised the Catholic members of Parliament
> to vote for Hitler's accession to power?
> Gary

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