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Sun Aug 13 20:00:10 MDT 2000

Dear Gary,

excuse me that I am answering so late - but I was not at my computer for
several hours.
You could also use the Austrian example: The Austro-fascist regime here was
fully backed by the catholic churche ("Clerico-fascism"), the first act of
the Dollfuss-government after smashing the workingclass in the civilwar of
1934 was to sign the concordate with the Vatican which granted excessive
rights to the clergy.

Already in 1927, a christian-social federal chancellor, Prälat Ignaz Seipel
(a Prälat is a high dignatory of the catholic church - I don´t know the
equivalent in English. Sorry) said in parliament in july 1927, when police
shot in Vienna some 90 protesting workers: "We don´t know any mercy".

Reference: Charles A. Gulick: Austria from Habsburg to Hitler


Kurt Lhotzky

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