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Carrol Cox cbcox at
Sun Aug 13 22:05:18 MDT 2000

Gary Maclennan wrote:

> Having said al that it is vital that we talk to the Christian radicals and
> we should talk on their territory.  We should demand that they have an
> ethical viewpoint and that they work for the Kingdom of god on earth.  That
> was really the spirit behind my prologue.  Whether I succeeded or not is
> another question.

I think these problems bulk far greater in (semi-vacuous) theory than in actual day
to day practice -- and I suspect that has been your own experience over the years.
Practice revolves around particular issues at particular times and places, and the
participants in the struggle don't ordinarily quiz each other over ultimate
philosophies. "The Church" will doubtless always be our enemy -- but there is no
necessary linkage whatever between what "The Church" says and what this or that
particular member of the church will think on a given occasion. The beauty of all
non-marxist positions (from a marxist perspective) is the utter divorce of theory
and practice they allow, which means that all sorts of people who would be our
enemies if they were "logical" (drew that "logical" conclusions from the abstract
principles they hold) nevertheless turn out to be our friends on specific issues --
even when the specific issue that comes to the fore is the overthrow of the state.

That's why our real enemies hate fellow travellers so -- fellow travelers make the


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