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"Workers of the world at century's end [Global capitalism and prospects
for organizing]"

Arrighi G. Review. Vol 19 Issue 3. Summer 96. Page 335-51.

The notion that over the last 25 years the world labor movement has been
weakened by a massive relocation of industrial activities from high to
low and middle income countries is a myth. Had such a massive relocation
actually occurred, the chances are that the world labor movement would
have already been revitalized. The main reason why it has not is that in
the 1980's the primary destination of the flight of capital has not been
low and middle income countries but extraterritorial financial markets.
It is still too early to tell what kind of labor movement will
eventually develop in response to the restructuring and reorganization
of the capitalist world-economy of which the ongoing financial expansion
is an expression. But if past experience and present trends are any
guide to the future, the chances are that the world labor movement in
the twenty- first century will differ in three main respects from its
predecessor in the past century: it will be centered on East Asia; it
will be more thoroughly and explicitly influenced by race and gender
issues; and it will be less statist and nationalist in orientation.
Whether it will be more "internationalist" rather than "tribalist" is a
question ultimately in the hands of the workers of the world themselves.


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