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Mon Aug 14 04:37:07 MDT 2000

Regarding the idea that its possible to talk to radical christians to read
some common ground.
As a veteran of such arguments and long time atheist I would point out the
pontless of attempting rational debate with most relogeous people.
There is little or no point talking to people who think that they believe in
god or something and trying to dissuade them, sadly this perhaps only harms
your case since many religious people consider that a)communism itself is
almost a religion and therefore we are just misguided and our beliefs/values
are misguided or merely a bastardized version of Judeo-christian compassion
b)that we are all atheists (Which I assume we are) and are therefore the
mouthpiece of the devil c)That communism isn't that different to fascism and
should be avoided.
Of course some marxists may or may not be any of these things, but
essentially they regard even very submissive and christian-like Marxists the
same way I regard left-wing liberals ie poor unenlightened fools.
One way to win a religious person round or at least catch them on the hop is
to use their own dogma against them, however who can be bothered to read
that crap and then find out lots of choice phrases to use in some
hypothetical argument that will only end in the usual platitudes (that's
just the way things, maybe we're both right, your going to hell anyway etc).
As far as common interests are concerned, the church is for the most part
deafening in its silence on leftist issues and when it does speak out it
gets caught by its'own dogma.
Finally all religions have the ultimate get-out clause for trying to gain
reform...The afterlife. Of course you could try to remind christians that
they are supposed to earn their place in heaven, but apart from the futility
of this argument in ever getting anyone to do anything meaningful, plus the
semantic debate about what good is and human nature, I for one feel bad
about using christians dogma to get them to help the cause, that's not class
consciousness as I understand it.

Anyway as a debut rant at the idiocy of people suckered by religion I think
that's quite enough.

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