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> powerful church prelates share common interests and work toward common
> goals with powerful political prelates.  that's one class.
> powerless church parish priests identify with the powerless workers
> with whom they share common interests and goals.  that's another
> class.

Yes, but...

Due to personal reasons I could not attend a socio-economic meeting
organized by the High Priests of Argentinian Church yesterday. This
meeting was, however, strongly critic of the Argentinian government,
of IMF policies, and of extended misery resulting from the
recolonization of Argentina during the last 25 years. The main leader
of the combative CGT, Hugo Moyano, was invited to the meeting, and
president De La Rúa saw himself -a dedicated Catholic in personal
matters, a "man of the Church" if the phrase has a meaning- forced to
discard the invitation.

One of the young lay politicians now working with the church, Adrián
Salbuchi, makes the link between this movement and Marxists, on full
agreement with the High Clergy.  Probably the fact is that this
clergy is acting as a surrogate for a ruling class in a dominated
country, thus sharing more interests with powerless common
Argentinians than with affluent partners of imperialist concerns...

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