[L-I] Re: Germany: Racism

Johannes Schneider Johannes.Schneider at SPAMgmx.net
Mon Aug 14 06:53:07 MDT 2000

Tony Abdo wrote:

> The struggle to defend immigrants, and
> their right to be where they are, begins within The Left.     Exactly
> because much of The Left secretly sides with The Rightist sentiment
> about the dangers that immigrants supposedly bring, though they feel
> often ashamed to openly admit it.
> Germany, as well as The United States, appears to have a Left where the
> majority now believe that immigrants must be banned from entering.
> This is a very sad development, and parallels the lack of a larger Left
> opposition to imperialist adventures.


basically I agree with your views on immigration and the failures of the
left, but I think some additional remarks are needed.

You are certainly correct if you define 'The Left' as something ranging
from the present government in Germany (SPD / Green) till the
revolutionary socialists. Liberals (i.e the Greens in Germany and
Socialdemocrats) are certainly in favour of more or less strict rules on
immigration and tight policing of immigrants living inside Germany.

Within the left opposition the record is mixed: There are organizations
that dont really confront the anti-immigrant policies of the Red-Green
government, whereas other leftist are demanding 'Open Borders' and an
end to the racist policing of immigrants. Certainly those ones are not
the majority among the left, but there is a growing understanding that
anti-racist policies are pivotal for left-wing policies.

Another problem that is linked with this is that even if you have a
correct anti-racist policy it reamains purely moralistic and
humanitarian if you do not link it to an anti-capitalist position: Not
the immigrants are the problem, but capitalist mode of production is
responsible for unemployment and other social problems.


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