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OK. Comrades should not desire each other's wife according to the principles of
Christianity. What if we put the other way around to be just, say,  women should
not desire each other's comrade? What if we say men and women should not desire
each other at all?

anyway, this needed a comradely feminist intervention, Fidel comrade!

btw, the church's ethical view of sexual relations is somewhat akin to Islamic
principles on the same subject matter. We have the similar type of
neighborhood/wife discourse. I don't know how it works in Judaism though. A
converted orthodox friend of mine, who is a strict follower of Judaism, was once
telling me that he can not have sex untill he gets married, not even dare to ask
to an orthodox Jew woman, however he can still have sex with other,  non-Jew
women, if he feels that way.  Although this is still not adivisable within the
orthodox community, he said, Rabai can fix the problem and return your virginity.
But hey this applies to men it seems, not to women. I am sure if a  woman looses a
virginity within a strict religious community of this sort, not even a Rabai can
fix the problem. My friend did not agree with me, because, generally, religious
radicals, whatever the type is, period,  have an idealistic view of gender
relations.  I said, "yeah right" and closed the subject matter.

Wonderful speech. thanks for posting this Lou! You always find charecter speeches!


> >If the church has said, for example, "do not desire your neighbor's >wife",
> >we consider that one of the ethical elements of relations among
> >revolutionaries is precisely, the principles of respect to the family >and
> >to the wife of others....", he pointed out.
>> >(from Castro speech database at:
>> >


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