[Re: Jihad and Revolution in Chechnya]

Louis Proyect lnp3 at SPAMpanix.com
Mon Aug 14 12:32:55 MDT 2000

Abu Nasr wrote:

>Dear Sev!
>One cannot name non-Sufi Islamic movements in Chechnya because there's no
>reason to separate Sufism from Islam.  Throughout the Muslim world since Abu
>Hamid al-Ghazali died in 1111, Sufism has been a part of established Islam.
>Sufism is not some sect; it is a dimension of Islamic thought and practice
>that is totally intermingled with other aspects of Islamic thought and
>practice.  (There are different Sufi orders, of course, that might be like
>'sects'.)  Sufis have been part of regimes and of anti-regime movements.
>There is just no way to call Sufism depoliticised, any more than you can call
>protestantism depoliticised in the west because it emphasises an individual's
>relationship with God.


I just want to state publicly what I've already told Abu privately several
times. I am deeply proud to host a forum that makes exchanges such as this

Louis Proyect

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