[L-I] Re: Interviews with Leaders of REsistance to NATO in Mitrovica

Johannes Schneider Johannes.Schneider at SPAMgmx.net
Mon Aug 14 15:39:57 MDT 2000

Borba100 at aol.com wrote:

> The mines were actually seized by the secessionists after NATO took over
> Kosovo.

I dont know whether his Cetnik buddies told this to Mr. Israel, but
thats definitely not the fact. The mines are under control of French
KFOR troops.

> This is consistent with NATO practice throughout Kosovo, using the
> KLA fascists as their poroxy force, to do the dirty work.
> As usual, the fascists combine the horrible and the ludicrous; apparently in
> their incompetence and viciousness they flooded the mines.

I dont want to comment on the inflationary use of the word 'fascists',
its just the mirror image of the Jaime Shee school of propaganda. The
facts are is that the French KFOR troops locked out the miners for
months, thats why the mines got flooded, no viscious Albanian fascists

> Schneider says:   <<Today it should be obvious not the people living in
> Kosovo regardless of nationality are the problem there, but the continued
> colonial occupation
> by NATO forces.>>
> 2) Herr Schneider has moved from seeing things upside down ( arguing that the
> victims of KLA terror are the culprits)

??? When and where?

> to now equatng victims and culprits;
> we make progress. The Albanian fascist-secesssionist movement has driven over
> 250,000 Serbs, Slavic Muslims, Roma and anti-fascist Albanians out, stolen
> their property, set up whorehouses with thousands of slaves kidnapped from
> Slavic countries, and on and on.  "Evberybody" does NOT suffer in Kosovo.

Mr. Israel at least continues to think in the categories of Serbian
nationalism: Only non-Albanians suffer, wheras the majority of Albanians
are fascist-secessionists who never suffered at all from the Yugoslav

But what should be clear from today is: Serbian workers at the Zvecan
smelter and Albanian miners both face the same enemy: KFOR troops, who
have occupied their factories and want to hand over the workers
collective property to 'international investors.


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