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> OK. Comrades should not desire each other's wife according to the
> principles of Christianity. What if we put the other way around to be
> just, say,  women should not desire each other's comrade? What if we
> say men and women should not desire each other at all?

Even Homer gets sleepy from time to time. This comment of Xxxx is
quite adequate. There are some sides of moralism in Fidel's answer (a
bit of pro-Cath demagoguery, perhaps?) which has little to do with
what I have been told on actual freedom for sexual life in Cuba. By
the way, the Bible was quite smarter than Fidel, because what the
Bible forbids is not desire, it forbids to _covet_  thy neighbour's
couple (male or female).

The problem here is not in willful suppression of desire in itself,
as if there were some exceptional moral pedestal down from which God
(or Militant Morality) looks on us. On a situation of stress, where
there is an overarching struggle taking place, we might accept that
individual desires _must_ be subject to the collective wish to get
across the narrows. But once the emergency is over? I, for one, do
not want a socialism where desire is considered something sinful. And
desire does not -it cannot- understand legal issues such as marriage.
Ask Engels. Or Marx, for that matter.

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