AW: AW: Jihad and Revolution in Chechnya

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    I believe it is a mistake to make the axis of our relationship to
something like the Chávez movement in Venezuela an ideological one.

    This is, clearly, a national democratic movement against
imperialist domination with a strong plebeian accent. I do not think
the role class-conscious workers are called upon to take in such a
movement is that of sideline commentators who constantly seek to
differentiate themselves ideologically from Chávez.

    It is in many ways reminiscent of the early July 26 Movement in
Cuba, where the corruption of the local imperialist stooges, for
example, was one of the central issues and the domination of the
country by imperialism as such, which was the root cause of the
corruption, was not addressed as openly and explicitly.

    The role of working class revolutionaries I believe is not to
criticize the process for what it has not yet become, but to push with
all our strength so that it becomes all that it can be. This is
primarily not an ideological task but a practical one of involvement
in the actual class struggle as it is currently manifesting itself,
remembering Marx's position in the Manifesto that the Communists
support every revolutionary movement and seek to bring to the fore as
the leading question the issue of property relations.

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Dear Nestor -

Of course I see the evident difference between Chavez and the Chechen
Mujahedeen.  Nevertheless, thank You for Your useful informations.

But (old sectarian that I am) - I maintain my point that adaptions to
non-marxist currents are dangerous - while using the discussion with
to develop our marxist thought is highly fruitful!

Best wishes from Vienna


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