Sex Slave Trade in Eastern Europe

Chris Brady chris_brady at
Mon Aug 14 22:52:50 MDT 2000

Sex Slave Trade in Eastern Europe

-- NPR's Sylvia Poggioli reports that many unsuspecting women
from former Communist countries in Eastern Europe are being
sold like slaves and forced into prostitution in Western Europe
by organized crime rings. Albanian gangs run the highly lucrative
and extremely brutal sex slave trade in Italy.  Poggioli talks to some
women who were rescued and freed by Italian police. (8:16)

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I heard the abovementioned essay on a local National Public Radio
station early this morning.  The headlines is not news, but we must
harp on this tragedy as an example of capitalism's corruption.
Poggioli claims the sex trade pulls in greater profit margins than
any other illegal activity in the world, and annual accumulations
in the billions of dollars.
Free enterprise at its most rapacious.
But it is illegal…
Really, really against the law...
tsk, tsk...

I am reminded by Lenin's bitter fulminations
against bourgeois hypocrisy as the well-to-do
moralistically tut-tutted and chastised poor
victims of violence and betrayal.
The problem is in the system. Inherent to it.
The solution is revolution.

Chris Brady

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